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Weg zu Null Emissionen

Your partner on the way to lower emissions:
Make your company a Climate Leader!


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Our services

We are your partner for more transparency in climate protection!

With our services, we want to support you in achieving your climate protection goals. It is important to us not only to accompany and support you, but also to enable you to integrate climate protection and sustainability into your company's DNA.


Creation of corporate carbon footprints (CCF)

We create the CCF for your company!

We use the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) to record your company's CO2 emissions. The CCF shows you how high your emissions are and where they arise in your company. It is also the starting point for reducing your CO2 emissions.


Creation of product carbon footprints (PCF)

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) records the CO2 emissions of your products and therefore the impact that your products have on the climate.  Emissions from the supply chain are included in the calculation. From the procurement of raw materials, transportation and logistics to the use and disposal of the product.


Development of decarbonization strategies

Based on your previously created CCF, we will work with you to develop a holistic strategy to reduce your company's CO2 emissions in the long term.


Creation of lifecycle assessments (LCA)/life cycle assessments

Together with our partner Sustaineration, we create LCAs for your products!

An LCA analysis works in a similar way to creating a PCF. The difference: considerably more environmental impacts are recorded and evaluated. In addition to the GHG emissions of a product, other environmental impacts are included in the analysis.


Individualized Excel tool
- Your CCF on your own

With our individualized Excel tool, we offer you the opportunity to create your own CCF. The tool is equipped with current, freely available emission factors. The offer includes 2 consultation hours to introduce you to the tool and answer your questions.


Workshops for creating a greenhouse gas balance

We know first-hand that preparing a carbon footprint can be a challenge. That's why we offer tried-and-tested workshops in which we explain step-by-step how to draw up a CCF as well as the background and possible measures for reduction. The courses are always interactive, offer the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have learned directly and are the ideal starting point for your company on the way to more climate protection.


Offsetting your CO2 emissions

Through our partner ForTomorrow, we offer you the opportunity to offset your emissions after they have been avoided and reduced. ForTomorrow offers the opportunity to support effective climate protection in Europe as part of an innovative approach. ForTomorrow was awarded the "works" seal by Phineo in 2023.


Sustainability for amateur

and professional sports clubs

Together with elevengreen, we are taking the topic of sustainability from the bench to the pitch.

We support you from the first steps, through the exchange with stakeholders such as fans and sponsors, to the fulfillment of the future DFB sustainability criteria.


Preparation of sustainability and CSRD reports

Together with our cooperation partners, we will find the best solution for your company to create your sustainability or CSRD reporting.

Reporting on their own sustainability activities is becoming increasingly important for companies. With the introduction of the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD), sustainability reporting is becoming more detailed and mandatory for many companies. From now on, companies throughout Europe will be required to report in accordance with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Together with our partners, we will support you in this process.

Natur und Nachhaltigkeit

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“From space, you see the beauty and fragility of our planet. It's a reminder that we all share this common home and that we need to take care of it.”

Karen Nyberg, ISS astronaut

Viacero would like to work with you to contribute to greater transparency in climate protection. It is important to us not only to accompany and support you, but also to enable you to integrate climate protection and sustainability into the DNA of your company.


Our specially developed, customizable Excel tool enables us to calculate both CCFs and PCFs for companies. Together with our cooperation partners, we also offer you further opportunities to make your company more climate-friendly and sustainable. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.



Andreas Kästner

Andreas Kästner

Founder & CEO

The topics of environmental and climate protection have been with him his whole life. He first became interested in this as an F-Youth player during a garbage collection campaign in the forest in his home town. During his travels to South America, he made the decision to become professionally involved in climate protection. After gaining experience in the field of renewable energies, he has been supporting companies in drawing up greenhouse gas balances, reducing their emissions and implementing other sustainability issues since 2020.

What our customers say:

Friederike Thyssen

Vice President Investor Relations & Sustainability, NFON AG

„Due to the increased regulatory requirements for ESG reporting, we were looking for support. Viacero takes over the preparation of the CCF for all our locations.”

Dr. Angela Michel

Head of Quality Assurance Sonett GmbH

„Viacero compared our reusable canister system for detergents and cleaning agents with single-use packaging in terms of CO2 emissions. The study confirmed that the reusable canisters significantly reduce CO2e emissions.”

Attila Adorjani

Project Manager CO2 Cockpit, E.ON Group Innovation GmbH Sonett GmbH

„Viacero supported us in the development of the E.ON CO2 Cockpit. The CO2 Cockpit enables E.ON business customers to determine their CCF and design a decarbonization strategy to reduce CO2 emissions in just a few steps.”

Our cooperation partners

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